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Like any new product, regular maintenance on your new countertops is essential to keeping its beauty, luster and durability. While there are many off-the-shelf regular cleaning products that will in fact clean your countertops, many are not specifically designed for natural stone.
General Care

For regular day-to-day cleaning, simply using warm water mixed with anti-bacterial dish soap works great.

Granite and Marble are heat resistant to a point; it is okay to put hot pots and pans directly on the surface if they do not exceed the boiling temperature of water. Putting items that retain heat exceeding 212° F could cause stress fractures in the stone. In most cases the use of knives to cut on top of your stone will not damage the surface, however, it can dull or even destroy the knives’ edge.

It is strongly recommended to avoid leaving mustard, vinegar, oil or red wine spills over a long period of time, as they may penetrate the protective coat of the sealant and leave hard to remove marks or stains in the stone.

Long-Term Protection

For more aggressive cleaning, we both use and recommend our own Liquid Lightning. Used regularly, Liquid Lightning cleans the surface of the stone from food, grease and bacteria buildup. Additionally, Liquid Lightning over time will apply a thin, resistant layer that preserves the high luster of polished stone and helps prevent future buildups from occurring. Liquid Lightning will restore older granite countertops to the same appearance as the day they were installed.

Used weekly, and depending on how many rooms have polished stone that Liquid Lightning is used on, a single can should last 8-12 months.

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