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With over 100 granite fabrication companies in the Metro-Atlanta area, the customer definitely has their share of choices to make when selecting whom to perform the work. Before selecting your fabricator, there are several key items that you should consider.

Lower square foot price doesn’t mean better Quality.

All granite fabricators are not created the same. Many companies offer cut-throat pricing, offering the lowest possible square foot price, in hopes to lure you into selecting them for your project. While there are great fabricators offering exemplary work at low prices, beware that the old cliché “You get what you pay for” rings true. Many of these low square foot fabricators will raise or even overcharge other items, sometimes not even outlined until your final invoice. Make sure that you determine the bottom line before making your fabricator selection.

Shortcuts in Work equal Shortcomings in Quality

In harmony with low pricing, typically these companies take shortcuts in their work to keep overhead low and turn jobs faster. In the end, this results in poor quality of work. This can be things such as non-matching seams, seams in poor spots, bad material, cheap manufacturing tools, and general inexperience. Before selecting your fabricator, ask them these questions; How and where will my seams be placed, both on the countertops and on the stone?, Do I get to hand select my actual slabs that will be used?, Do you subcontract any portion of the project out?, How long have you been in the granite fabrication business?